Case Studies

D.S Grewal vs. Vimmi Joshi & others Supreme Court (2008)

In this judgment the Supreme Court noted the phenomenon of retaliatory allegations and inadequacy in following Vishaka guidelines while enquiring into a complaint of sexual harassment. A school teacher, an officiating school Principal complained of sexual harassment against the Vice Chairman of the school management to the Chairman on receiving an intimate ‘love letter’ from the V.C. As a result her services were terminated while she was still on probation. Supreme Court held it as a case of SH and disciplinary actions would be taken against both of them i.e. Mr. D.S Grewal, the Chairman of School Management who had failed to take any actions regarding the complaint and the Vice Chairma, who wrote that intimate love letter and also monetary compensation was granted to the victim, as the management of the school was held guilty of violating the guidelines of Vishaka judgment. The management was directed to bear and pay all cost of the victim including the fee of the lawyer which was Rs. 50,000.